Consultation with Dr. Marie O’Neill: €150
Tongue Tie Procedure: €100

If you currently have medical insurance with providers such as VHI, LAYA Healthcare, Irish Life Health, Glo Health, St. Paul’s Garda Medical Aid or ESB benefit scheme the procedure itself is covered.

However, your insurance will not cover the cost of your initial consultation. You may however be able to claim a portion of the consultation fee through your “Day to Day’ medical expenses with your insurance provider.

Please bring all insurance details to the consultation. It is important to confirm with your insurance provider that your baby is listed on your policy before booking an appointment.

Dr. Marie O’ Neill’s Provider Codes are as follows:
·  VHI provider code 80131
·  LAYA Healthcare provider code 38650
·  Irish Life Health provider code 2204093
·  Glo Health provider code 1352904
·  Garda Medical Aid provider code 5467

The Procedure Code is 1170 or 2980

 Cancellation Policy
In order to facilitate all patients, at least 48 hours notice must be given to reschedule or cancel your appointment.